Gluten-Free + Wedding Registry!

artisticmnweddingphotography-celebratorywonderHere’s a toast to eating gluten free AND healthy! And – to getting all those kitchen gadgets that will make that super simple!

This goes out to all of my fellow gluten-free-foodies out there – who want to make the most of their wedding gift registry for maximum GF kitchen enjoyment! I’ve been following Jennifer Fugo over at the the Gluten Free School blog for a while, and I really dig her wisdom. I’ve been GF for over 6 years now, but there is always more to learn! Here, Jennifer posts about her favorite must-have kitchen utensils for making the most of your gluten-free kitchen. Dig in and enjoy! (PS: Ladies – to get the hub-to-be on board with your registry plans…. tell him he can be in charge of the laser-pricing-gun. In. like. flint.)

Please click HERE to check out those kitchen-must-haves over at the Gluten Free School!



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