What’s it Like to Work with DMP?

Denise Mack Photography (DMP)… Upholding an undeniable level of FUNprofessionalism!

FUN – as defined by Webster online: “Someone or something that is amusing or enjoyable: an enjoyable experience or person”

PROFESSIONALISM – as defined by Webster online: “The skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well”

FUNprofessionalism – a breakdown per Denise Mack Photography (DMP): “Combining the good judgment and the polite behavior of a skilled artisan who understands that weddings are meant to be an enjoyable, and even amusing, experience!”

 Will I show up at your wedding in jeans and a t-shirt? Hecks no! Will I take the wedding party up on their request (read:  twisting of the arm) to photograph me taking a slug out of the communal bottle of champagne on the pontoon ride back to the reception from the bar across the lake? Um, YES!

Natural MN wedding Photography- wedding party on the boat

“Denise and Jenni were a ton of fun to have join us on our wedding day. We received exactly what we were looking for… fun and quirky photos that were characteristic of who we are as a couple.” ~ Catherine

Here’s a little glimpse into what it’s like to work with me:

First, I strive to make sure that we share an eye for style…

candid MN wedding photography-funny wedding day moments

Then, I like to get up close and personal and really get to know about you and your wedding deets….  However, I don’t get all up-in-your-face with pushy hard-sales! Neigh- nay!

original MN wedding photography - horse and carriage

When photographing a wedding, I thrive on being that “fly on the wall” – grabbing up all the moments that unfold throughout the day.

As such, no detail will be overlooked….

unique MN wedding photography - wedding day prep

Or under-looked…

real MN wedding photography - wedding music

We’re sure to always capture the…

meaningful MN wedding photos - bridal beauty

And, the…

fun MN wedding photos - wedding couple stopping by jail

And also the….

funny MN wedding photos - sibling rivalry

And then there is the…

unique MN wedding photography - father of the bride dancing

And even the… ????

engaging MN wedding photos - brides maid taking prep seriously

Capturing a wedding is more than just covering the obvious. You’re looking for something different. Something that stands out from the trendy-trends. You want someone to re-tell your story in a way that is reflective of YOU. You don’t want a photographer ‘staging’ your event. You want all the genuine moments of your day captured naturally – with artistic zing!

You want to remember the emotion tied to the many-moments that combine to define your personalized celebration.

You’ll have laughter:

eclectic MN wedding photography - bridesmaids share a toast

And you’ll have tears:

different MN wedding photos - tender wedding moments between bride and groom


exciting MN wedding photography - wedding day woot


exceptional MN wedding photography - wedding day funnies

There may even be periods of boredom for some:

awesome MN wedding photography - wedding day kiddos

And then there are those who will devise their own forms of entertainment, such as:




And maybe a little…


And of course…


There are BIG moments:


Fleeting moments:


Laugh-out-loud moments:


Perhaps a few awkward moments:


We typically try to avoid taking photos of people when they are eating….


Or… You know…. When you’re otherwise “occupied”:


Though it is clearly difficult for us to contain ourselves!

But other than that we capture it all – from the prep:


To nervous anticipation….


From that moment when you first lay eyes on one another:


To the special embrace of a father and daughter sharing a dance….


Right on into the celebration!







I have a tendency to see everything as potential art! We photographers love to eat up all those visual details too –




Along with every bit of magic~


Whatever the case…. I love to soak up all of the personalization and meaning behind each couple’s distinctive wedding!

 When you work with Denise Mack Photography – Your photos will be unlike any one else’s –
And there will be plenty of fun had by all!


New for 2014-2015 bookings: This nature girl also thoroughly enjoys a wooded wedding!
Travel Costs for destination-weddings-in-the-wild are now INCLUDED in the base price
*(up to $300)!!!
I’d love to be the one to memorialize the rustic-elegance of your wilderness-wedding, or your city-soiree, with my meaningful and truly unique wedding photography style!


Here’s a little love from a past bride that covers everything in a nutshell:
“I stumbled upon Denise’s website just doing a google search one evening, and I am so glad I did! I took a leap of faith given that the website was the only information I had to go on. We didn’t even meet prior to the wedding date, as my husband and I don’t live in the city in which we had our wedding. She was very personable, flexible, and easy to work with, as were her assistants…. The photos turned out fabulously, and her price was very reasonable (okay, my parents paid for it, but they were pleased with the price). I would highly recommend Denise Mack Photography!” ~Laura

For more DMP love… click  here (thorough feedback!), and here too (bonus)!

NaturaloriginalmeaningfulrealDeniseMackPhotography{This is my hubby and me on Lake Superior in Grand Marais, MN}

Contact me and let’s keep it original, meaningful, real – and fun!

Denise Mack Photography provides kick-ass wedding photography coverage in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, greater Minnesota, Wisconsin, and beyond.
(Can I get a hell-yeah?!)


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