Get Your “Spring” Fix – DIY Wedding Bouquets!

 DIY bridesmaids flowers - wildflower bouquetsMy own wild-flower-wedding floral arrangements – compliments of mother nature and my mom, aunt, and sis!
[Image by Serendipity Photography]

I’m guessing there are quite a few brides out there who would LIKE to incorporate more do-it-yourself savvy into their wedding plans, but who aren’t quite sure whether they can pull it off. Not everything comes with a tutorial. Hey – I can relate! I’m no florist. I totally took a chance at my own wedding by plucking some of the wildflowers (shhhh – this is probably frowned upon) in the surrounds our Boundary Waters Canoe Area wedding-in-the-wild! Would they droop mid-way through the day? Would we need to keep them in water? Would our ribbons hold? Would the unique blossoms start to crumble? We really didn’t know. But – we survived, and so did our bouquets!

I’ve seen some pretty cool custom bouquets over the years too – though very few were actually done by the couple or a family member. One DIY bridal bouquet that will always stand out in my memory is that of a backyard-lakeside-MN bride – who gathered her goods at the local farmer’s market (pictured below). Three words: to-die-for! Super unique, and I’ve yet to see them duplicated. Can’t get much more personalized than that – and the couple also saved some $$! (Bonus.)

brideandDIYfarmersmarketflowers-DMPDIY farmers market bouquets for a backyard lakeside MN wedding – Image by DMP!

Whether you’re adept at being crafty, or you aren’t sure where you’d even start – chances are that if we were able to make DIY bouquets work on a whim, you can do quite a bit with this handy little instructional template! Much gratitude goes out to Simply Bridal for simplifying (Did ya catch that? I couldn’t resist…) the DIY bouquet-making process! Now – go rock your one-of-a-kind bridal bouquets, chicas! How can you go wrong with the beauty of real flowers – sans the stress-beast.

DIY  Wedding Bouquet

Be sure to pass along the wedding-wisdom to friends & fam who may be planning to get wed. Many thanks!

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Denise Mack Photography – Continually Evolving!


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! What’s the word? It’s another (yes, it’s my second in the past year – so what?) – NEW WEBSITE for Denise Mack Photography! The thing is – I gave the first company a (very fair) chance. I had persistent load-time issues with them… and then upon changing up my template to a newer, more forgiving format, I CONTINUED to have sizable issues… Over and over and over… And getting a response when needed was a royal pain. Who’s got time to deal? Not this chick! I’m not going to mention any names… but let’s just say I’m no longer singing the “website BLU‘s”! 😉

So, here’s my line-up of fabulous MN based wedding photography info to share:
Something OLD: YE OLD dmp biz-blog – Featuring old posts, older awards and badges, and access to PayPal for making credit card payments to DMP.
Something NEW: The FANTASTIC NEW Website:    – Don’t let it fool ya… It’s still DMP – only betta! So I had to give up my pin-it buttons and some music… But so WORTH it!
Something ‘Borrowed’: Found the fab new site by the new company, while visiting another wedding-biz-creative whom I’ll be featuring soon!
Something Blu(e) Um – F’ that! Remember – hold onto only those traditions (or vendors) that mean something to you…. The rest can fall by the wayside (or burn in hell – whichever.)
Instead – we have this here fabulously-fun DMP-Biz-Blog, complete with a page dedicated to educating y’all on what it’s like to work with me – aka: FUNprofessionalism! 
As you may have noticed, it’s also all dolled-up to jive with the rest of my biz-personality!

I felt the need to fill everyone in – giving you the heads-up that YES – this IS still the Original. Meaningful. Real… FUN! DMP you know and love. Thanks for your continued support (and patience with my previous website-woes.) Cheers to a no-woes-2014!

‘Til Death Do Us Part


My fave cake-topper ever reminds me of the basis behind the union, summarized in those 5 little words: “‘Til death do us part.” Even without the traditional lingo – you realize you’re saying that you want to spend ‘forever’ with your lovely – and that’s a big deal! Certainly you didn’t just ‘settle’ for this somebody. You ADORE and cherish this somebody! You can’t imagine your world without ’em. They make you feel a certain way – about them, about you, about life.

It got me thinking… You already know you’re saying ‘forever’ to your new spouse, but did you realize that you’re also saying it to – your photography? I mean – many things in life offer up a ‘re-do’ option – but not your wedding day images. Those photographs will stick with you & yours – as the sole recollection of how your day went down in history. So – you didn’t just fall in love with and choose to say ‘forever’ to any old peep on the planet, right? You probs should give some long consideration to the type of photography you choose to recall your wedding memories by as well! ‘Cause actually – they’re gonna last well beyond the point at which you look like the couple on the top of this cake!

Nothing’s ‘perfect’. Not even most wedding days. But it’s okay if you regret going with the lemon flavored cake-filling, or the DJ that enjoyed hearing the sound of his voice over the microphone a little too much… What you don’t want to regret is not having images that speak to your soul and reflect who you are and what your day is all about. Leave the cookie-cutters for the cookies. Your wedding photos should ROCK! Make ’em count!

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DMP – 5 Years of 5-Star-Reviews!

let's celebrate this wedding!

It’s colder than Hell here in Minnesota… Wait. That doesn’t make sense. Whatever… it IS! But I’m all fired up with warm-fuzzies… ‘Cause Denise Mack Photography is celebrating 5 year’s worth of 5-star-reviews on WeddingWire! You can check them out here. 

I just received word that I’ve been awarded one of the prestigious Couples’ Choice Awards for the fifth year since going into biz for thine self! (Note: It was previously known as the “Bride’s Choice Award”.) I have a little list of those badges representing the annual awards over on Ye OLD Blog – which you can take a gander at here, in the right-hand column, if you are so inclined. [Ye new badge will be added once it has been made available by WeddingWire.] Here is a previous post that describes how WeddingWire determines the winners each year. The short answer is that they base it on the consistency, quality, quantity, and recency of reviews by real couples – that show how DMP demonstrates excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism. (Hmmmm… I wonder if they take into account FUNprofessionalism!?)

Let’s face it – I’m the quintessential “small biz”. Although this is my primary source of contributable (is this a word?) family income (aside from some freelance writing), I still maintain a maximum number of weddings I’m willing to take on per month throughout each season. I do this for two reasons. #1) I don’t want to burn-out. Yep, the first reason is semi-selfish, but it leads me to point #2 – which is all about YOU: I don’t want to burn-out! Guess this is a win-win! I get to consistently and truly LOVE crafting my artistic interpretation of your day, and I don’t have to run around with my hair on fire. The nitty-gritty of it is – it benefits you to hire a photographer who is tuned-in to your personalized and meaningful day by delivering personalized and meaningful wedding photos. In a nutshell, it equates to less frazzle and more dazzle.  I’m ecstatic that I can work this way – and be more in tune with each unique wedding day that I receive the honor of capturing!

I couldn’t have acquired this recognition without the contributions of my clients to the forum. I’m beyond grateful for your time and kind words! Thank you so much. I absolutely get a THRILL when you and your families and friends are as enamored by your wedding photos as I am!

Denise Mack Photography provides natural wedding photography in the Twin Cities of Mineapolis & Saint Paul, Greater MN, Wisconsin – and beyond! Contact me if you are looking for wedding photography that is original, meaningful, REAL – and just – different! Follow my blog for regular posts featuring fab-finds of all kinds – including ideas, tips, resources, and vendors worth noting!


Denise Mack Photography (DMP)… Upholding an undeniable level of FUNprofessionalism!

FUN – as defined by Webster online: “Someone or something that is amusing or enjoyable: an enjoyable experience or person”

PROFESSIONALISM – as defined by Webster online: “The skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well”

FUNprofessionalism – a breakdown per Denise Mack Photography (DMP): “Combining the good judgment and the polite behavior of a skilled artisan who understands that weddings are meant to be an enjoyable, and even amusing, experience!”

 Will I show up at your wedding in jeans and a t-shirt? Hecks no! Will I take the wedding party up on their request (read:  twisting of the arm) to photograph me taking a slug out of the communal bottle of champagne on the pontoon ride back to the reception from the bar across the lake? Um, YES!

Natural MN wedding Photography- wedding party on the boat

Here’s a little glimpse into what it’s like to work with me:

First, I strive to make sure that we share an eye for style…

candid MN wedding photography-funny wedding day moments

Then, I like to get up close and personal and really get to know about you and your wedding deets….  However, I don’t get all up-in-your-face with pushy hard-sales! Neigh- nay!

original MN wedding photography - horse and carriage

When photographing a wedding, I thrive on being that “fly on the wall” – grabbing up all the moments that unfold throughout the day.

As such, no detail will be overlooked….

unique MN wedding photography - wedding day prep

Or under-looked…

real MN wedding photography - wedding music

We’re sure to always capture the…

meaningful MN wedding photos - bridal beauty

And, the…

fun MN wedding photos - wedding couple stopping by jail

And also the….

funny MN wedding photos - sibling rivalry

And then there is the…

unique MN wedding photography - father of the bride dancing

And even the… ????

engaging MN wedding photos - brides maid taking prep seriously

Capturing a wedding is more than just covering the obvious. You’re looking for something different. Something that stands out from the trendy-trends. You want someone to re-tell your story in a way that is reflective of YOU. You don’t want a photographer ‘staging’ your event. You want all the genuine moments of your day captured naturally – with artistic zing!

You want to remember the emotion tied to the many-moments that combine to define your personalized celebration.

You’ll have laughter:

eclectic MN wedding photography - bridesmaids share a toast

And you’ll have tears:

different MN wedding photos - tender wedding moments between bride and groom


exciting MN wedding photography - wedding day woot


exceptional MN wedding photography - wedding day funnies

There may even be periods of boredom for some:

awesome MN wedding photography - wedding day kiddos

And then there are those who will devise their own forms of entertainment, such as:




And maybe a little…


And of course…


There are BIG moments:


Fleeting moments:


Laugh-out-loud moments:


Perhaps a few awkward moments:


We typically try to avoid taking photos of people when they are eating….


Or… You know…. When you’re otherwise “occupied”:


Though it is clearly difficult for us to contain ourselves!

But other than that we capture it all – from the prep:


To nervous anticipation….


From that moment when you first lay eyes on one another:


To the special embrace of a father and daughter sharing a dance….


Right on into the celebration!







I have a tendency to see everything as potential art! We photographers love to eat up all those visual details too –




Along with every bit of magic~


Whatever the case…. I love to soak up all of the personalization and meaning behind each couple’s distinctive wedding!

 When you work with Denise Mack Photography – Your photos will be unlike any one else’s –

And there will be plenty of fun had by all!


New for 2014: This nature girl also thoroughly enjoys a wooded wedding!

Travel Costs for destination-weddings-in-the-wild are now INCLUDED in the base price *(up to $300)!!!

I’d love to be the one to memorialize the rustic-elegance of your wilderness-wedding, or your city-soiree, with my meaningful and truly unique wedding photography style!


Here’s a little love from a past bride that covers everything in a nutshell:

“I stumbled upon Denise’s web site just doing a google search one evening, and I am so glad I did! I took a leap of faith given that the web site was the only information I had to go on. We didn’t even meet prior to the wedding date, as my husband and I don’t live in the city in which we had our wedding. She was very personable, flexible, and easy to work with, as were her assistants…. The photos turned out fabulously, and her price was very reasonable (okay, my parents paid for it, but they were pleased with the price). I would highly recommend Denise Mack Photography!” ~Laura

For more DMP love… click here (snippets), and here (thorough feedback!), and here too (bonus)!

NaturaloriginalmeaningfulrealDeniseMackPhotographyContact me and let’s keep it original, meaningful, real – and fun!

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