How I Roll….


A depiction of how I want you to feel about hiring me – Denise Mack Photography!

It has come to my attention that many couples are really unclear about how the wedding photography industry is priced… And why wouldn’t you be?

A) You aren’t in the biz. You don’t have the inside scoop on how this all generally goes down, and what’s trending – in the way of images or pricing.

B) Styles, experience levels, and prices are really ALL over the board! Crazy-pants, over-saturated market. (Buyer-beware! That ‘deal’ may not be what you’re actually going to gush over after all is said and done, and you receive those images of your day.) Think ahead – to that moment when you’ll first lay eyes on those images of your moments and memories!

C) You don’t know the ‘tricks’ of the trade that many higher-end photographers are now using to appear competitive at the onset, but still earn a viable living doing what we love. [So sad.] Rest-assured, DMP has no desire to ‘trick’ you into hiring me! I want you to know UP-FRONT – what you’ll be investing in your lifelong memories. (That means no puke-worthy surprise-costs later.) *Be sure to price-compare with ALL of your desired inclusions tallied into the final sum.

For more details – read my new web page – added just for you! “What’s BEST for US?”
I’m not a salesperson. I’m an artist. If art is what you’re after – then welcome aboard! Glad we’ve found one another~

Denise Mack Photography provides unstructured, authentic, naturally-fun & honestly-priced wedding photography in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, greater MN, Wisconsin, and beyond! Follow the blog (upper right – no spam!) for regular, non-boring, wedding inspiration, resources, and updates.