Get Your “Spring” Fix – DIY Wedding Bouquets!

 DIY bridesmaids flowers - wildflower bouquetsMy own wild-flower-wedding floral arrangements – compliments of mother nature and my mom, aunt, and sis!
[Image by Serendipity Photography]

I’m guessing there are quite a few brides out there who would LIKE to incorporate more do-it-yourself savvy into their wedding plans, but who aren’t quite sure whether they can pull it off. Not everything comes with a tutorial. Hey – I can relate! I’m no florist. I totally took a chance at my own wedding by plucking some of the wildflowers (shhhh – this is probably frowned upon) in the surrounds our Boundary Waters Canoe Area wedding-in-the-wild! Would they droop mid-way through the day? Would we need to keep them in water? Would our ribbons hold? Would the unique blossoms start to crumble? We really didn’t know. But – we survived, and so did our bouquets!

I’ve seen some pretty cool custom bouquets over the years too – though very few were actually done by the couple or a family member. One DIY bridal bouquet that will always stand out in my memory is that of a backyard-lakeside-MN bride – who gathered her goods at the local farmer’s market (pictured below). Three words: to-die-for! Super unique, and I’ve yet to see them duplicated. Can’t get much more personalized than that – and the couple also saved some $$! (Bonus.)

brideandDIYfarmersmarketflowers-DMPDIY farmers market bouquets for a backyard lakeside MN wedding – Image by DMP!

Whether you’re adept at being crafty, or you aren’t sure where you’d even start – chances are that if we were able to make DIY bouquets work on a whim, you can do quite a bit with this handy little instructional template! Much gratitude goes out to Simply Bridal for simplifying (Did ya catch that? I couldn’t resist…) the DIY bouquet-making process! Now – go rock your one-of-a-kind bridal bouquets, chicas! How can you go wrong with the beauty of real flowers – sans the stress-beast.

DIY  Wedding Bouquet

Be sure to pass along the wedding-wisdom to friends & fam who may be planning to get wed. Many thanks!

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Inspiring Women Who Play Dirty


Hey all!
As you know – I’m into all-things-authentic! While this particular post isn’t specific to weddings, I realized that maybe I don’t have to continually share only wedding-bits in order to get your creative juices flowing – hmmmm? In my quest for more loyal blog-followers, and with the recent upgrade-give-away by our friends at Slow Motion Booth, I found myself a new blog to follow! Whether you’re getting married, or already wed – you can find some fab stories, ideas, and insights on the Crafted In Carhartt blog!

For WOMEN, brides, non-brides, guys who dig women in Carhartt apparel while working with those beautiful hands, the down-home, the STRONG, the INDIVIDUAL, for the fiercely feminine, as well as ye adorable tom-boys, and DEFINITELY for the Do-It-Yourselfers out there – – – Enjoy!

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Pot O’ Gold – Comin’ Atcha!

It’s that time of year… SPRING, GREENAGE (soon), St. Patty’s Day… and GOLD! I learned a bit about some unique gold offerings available out there from this graphic – provided by

A little inspirational ‘schooling’ this week. Enjoy!

St. Patricks 2014 - Touch of Gold HQ

Denise Mack Photography. Permission to be myself? GRANTED.
Permission to be YOURSELF?? Definitely GRANTED!

DIY (with some assistance) HD Wedding Video? Yep!


So – some peeps elect to enlist the experience of a professional wedding videographer to cover their vows. And let me just say, you’re going to get what you pay for here. We’re talking clean, high-quality, thoroughly edited, and “non-shaky” video of your memories.

Others ask the infamous “Uncle Bob”, or a friend or cousin to tend to this project. Here, you generally get what you don’t pay for… which is shaky, low-quality, haphazard video full of “wind”, background noise, and well – a huge dose of reality (as opposed to propagated “grandeur”) – so this can be a refreshing take on it! [We did this… Although it meant minimal video – yet enough for the memories we wanted – we also had STELLAR photography coverage, which of course was my priority!]

Then, there are those who want something in-between. A little cleaner, with multiple perspectives, high-def video – complete with edits and music to match the mood and theme of your day! (I personally LOVE this!) Enter Wedit Videos!! This is downright brilliant, as it allows you to take this anywhere (do you hear that, destination-wedding-brides & grooms?), and with much better quality output than you’d get from beloved Uncle Bob’s home movies! [Where were they when I got wed?!]
Here is probably my favorite sample video on their site: Wedit Trailer Bahamas   It’s my fave for a number of reasons… including the fact that it looks warm, sunny, and tropical there. But also – because this couple did some super fun and creative things (i.e. – footage on the plane of the two of them!) – combined with their free-flowing and fun, fun, FUN day! It doesn’t hurt that they selected a song that felt ‘right’ for their personalities and their laid-back beach-wedding. TAKE NOTE HERE:  It’s actually ENJOYABLE to watch. You’re pulled into it and you want to see what happens next. The mood is upbeat and you can just tell how much they relished in their day! This gives you an idea for what TO do if you go for this type of  wedding video coverage…

Next, let’s take a look at some of what NOT to do… I highly recommend you peek at a few of the other Wedit sample videos  – to get an idea for how those make you feel in comparison. When you’re watching a series of people stand next to the bride and smile, do you grow tired, distracted, officially bored? It’s not the fault of the Wedit team if clients requested to keep these things in their videos. And, if that’s what was important to those couples, so be it! {It takes all kinds to keep the world turning…. and interesting!}  All I’m suggesting is that you keep in mind these 2 pointers in relationship to this: A) Highlight the FUN portions of the day – the ones you’re going to actually want to sit on your sofa and watch over and again for many years. (i.e. Leave out the time spent shooting photos of the bride with every person present at the wedding – as you’ll have all those photos to remember that by – which can be viewed at your own pace in printed form)…. and B) Let this be a guide for just what you do and do not want to incorporate into your day! (Perhaps it’s not necessary to have an individual photo of every attendant or wedding party participant with the bride in the first place??? I happen to think not! Oy.) {Referencing this Wedit vid specifically here!}

In line with that – I’m excited to have come across this newer approach to candid wedding videography to share with all my unconventional wedding couples! Cheers to YOU! Enjoy~

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